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Pablo Guerrero's Journey (El Toro)

Congratulations to Pablo Guerrero on his recognition award

Pablo Guerrero's Journey

Pablo is a native of Trujillo, Honduras, Central America. He migrated to the United States at the age of 13 years old. Pablo lived in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Los Angeles, California over 36 years ago. He is married to his wife of 42 years, Mrs. Jennet Guerrero. Together they have a daughter named Shirley Guerrero.

Pablo enjoys playing his saxophone. Playing the sax is one of his greatest passion. Pablo first music debut was with the Junior’s Band in New York. The next band he joined was Trabadores in Boston, Massachusetts. The third band was the Satellites in New York.

When he arrived to Los Angeles, he performed at various Garífuna events as a drummer (Anita Martinez, Mr. Mena, and the Settlement Day Committee). He made himself available to participate at many events, when needed.

Needless to say, Pablo continued to pursue his passion here in Los Angeles. He joined Danny and the Boys band, Raiders Band, Sound City Band, and Paul Ibayani Band.

His greatest accomplishment was when he started recording music with the Ibayani Band. The band recorded many hit songs.

Pablo also traveled to Belize with the Ibayani Band. That was an invaluable experience.

Today, Pablo has added Gospel music to his resume. He currently plays his sax to perform praise and worship at church. This is something that brings joy to his heart as well. Playing music at church has its own reward and it serves a higher purpose.

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