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Successful Fundraiser in LA

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

The Garifuna American Heritage Foundation United GAHFU in collaboration with Club Q-18 (Puerto Barrios Soccer Team), along with the Garifuna (Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala), Creole, and a variety of people from Central America

came together to fundraise to help offset the expenses incurred in the repatriation of the body of our brother Jorge Castillo Garcia. Jorge was also known among his friends as “Soga” and ”Butterfly”. But Jorge was a friend to all. He was a young man who lived large and well. He was always courteous and respectful. The reason the community came together to fundraise was because his mother wanted his body to be buried in his hometown of Triunfo De La Cruz Tela, Honduras. Jorge passed away on Thursday 30 December 2021 during a car collision with a pole. He was behind the wheel and his body was not identified until two weeks later.

The important thing was that the community responded to the call to come and help take care of one of their own. The monies fundraiser on Sunday 23 January 2022 at Club Q-18 was enough to cover the expenses accrued at Gorman Mortuary. It was such a beautiful way to show the love and appreciation felt for Jorge by many people, his friends and family, poured out to pitch in with food, drinks, and monetary donations. During the event, there were plenty of drummers and Gayusa (singers) who also volunteered their time to pay their respects and perform pro bono. The list of names of people who collaborated is long but if you were one of them, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

GAHFU is proud to be able to serve our community with organizing these types of events. When the community comes together, we can move mountains. Finally, there will be one final send off for Jorge on Saturday 30 January 2022 at Casa Club Q-18 starting at 4:00 pm. Numerous people have been calling to donate for this send off but one of the most important groups, is the Wanaragua group of Los Angeles which wanted to help fundraise for one of their own warriors. The traditional rites of passage of a fallen warrior / dancer under the leadership of then ábuti, (Chief) Flavio Alvarez. The Wanaragua dancers in Los Angeles will come together and dance on Saturday for the viewing.

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